University of South Florida St. Petersburg

Undergraduate Catalog of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg 2015-2016

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Undergraduate Catalog of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg 2015-2016

University Administration


Undergraduate Programs Offered

Undergraduate Minors

Academic Calendar - August 2015-December 2016

USF St. Petersburg Mission, Vision, and Core Values

About USF St. Petersburg

Admissions and Related Matters

Financial Aid and Scholarships


Veterans Services

Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Services

Records and Registration

Grades, Financial Aid Requirements, and Review Procedures

Liberal Arts Requirements

Baccalaureate Degree - University Requirements

Division of Student Affairs

College of Arts and Sciences

Kate Tiedemann College of Business

College of Education

Military Science and Leadership - Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

Florida’s Statewide Course Numbering System

USFSP Course Descriptions

Accounting Courses

African - American Studies Courses

American History Courses

American Literature Courses

American Sign Language Courses

American Studies Course

Anthropology Courses

Arabic Language Courses

Art History Courses

Art Courses

Astronomy Courses

Biochemistry Classes

Biological Sciences Courses

Botany Classes

Business Law Courses

Computer General Studies Courses

Chemistry Courses

Chinese Language Courses

Creative Writing Courses

Criminology & Criminal Justice Courses

Criminal Justice Enforcement Courses

Criminal Justice Law Courses

Clinical Psychology Courses

Communications Courses

Comparative Politics Courses

Developmental Psychology Courses

Economics Courses

Economic Problems & Policy Courses

Economic Systems & Development Courses

Education: Early Childhood Courses

Education- Elementary Courses

Education- Exceptional Child Courses

Education- Foundations & Policy Courses

Education- General Courses

Education- Secondary Courses

Education- Technology & Media Courses

English Composition Courses

English Courses

English Literature Courses

Entrepreneurship Courses

European History Courses

Environmental Studies Courses

Experimental Psychology Courses

Finance Courses

Foreign Language Education Courses

French Language Courses

General Business Courses

Geography- Regional Areas Courses

Geography- Systematic Courses

Geography Information Science Courses

Geology Courses

Geoscience Courses

Graphic Arts Courses

History & Historiography Courses

Health and Physical Education Courses

Healthcare Sciences Courses

Humanities Course

Industrial Psychology Courses

Information Systems Management Courses

Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

Interdisciplinary Honors Courses

Interdisciplinary Social Science Courses

International Relations Courses

Journalism Courses

Language and Culture Courses

Language Arts & English Education Courses

Latin America History Courses

Leadership Courses

Library and Internet Research Skills Courses

Linguistics Courses

Literature Courses

Management Courses

Marketing Courses

Mathematics- Calculus & Precalculus Courses

Mathematics Education Courses

Microbiology Courses

Mathematics- General and Finite Courses

Mass Media Communication Courses

Military Science & Leadership Courses

Music Literature Courses

Philosophy Courses

Photography Courses

Physics Courses

Political Science Courses

Political Theory Courses

Personality Courses

Physiological Psychology Courses

Process Biology Courses

Psychology Courses

Public Administration Courses

Quantitative Methods in Business Courses

Radio-Television Courses

Reading Courses

Real Estate Courses

Religion Courses

Science Education Courses

Social Psychology Courses

Social Work Courses

Speech Communication Courses

Spanish Language Courses

Science Education Courses

Statistics Courses

Sociology Courses

Taxation Courses

Theatre Courses

Teaching English as a Second Language Courses

Urban Planning Courses

Visual Communication Courses

Women's Studies Courses

World History Courses

Zoology Courses